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1966 British Technology Stuart FDC, Gosport Hants. cds

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1966 British Technology Stuart FDC, Gosport Hants. cds


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19th September 1966 British Technology Stuart FDC, Gosport Hants. cds.

Ordinary Set.

Relevant cds Postmark as:- Stokes Bay Gosport played an important part in the development of the Hovercraft.
Its inventor Sir Christopher Cockerel worked on the first hovercraft from 1955. In the autumn of 1958, the National Research Development Council placed an order with Saunders-Roe for the first full-scale hovercraft.
The SRN6 Hovercraft 1/3d stamp. On 24 July 1965 the new Hovercraft passenger service began operating at the west end of Stokes Bay near to No.2 Battery Gosport. A slipway was built to allow the SRN6 hovercraft to land. A nearby cabin sold tickets and provided passenger waiting facilities. The service, managed by Hovertravel Ltd. ran from Stokes Bay to Ryde and although it offered a very quick method to travel to the Isle of Wight it also drew a lot of attention from Gosport residents because of the noise.

Rare & Relevant cds Postmark.

Pristine condition.